Taking over a system.

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Taking over a system.

Postby Fireskull » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:30 pm

This was totally anticlimaxing for me.. but I felt really good afterwards either way. I think it also shows how the player can change things in the universe ^^.

I had done my first trip to Sol/Sol. Besides scenario, I was hopping to fully equip my goddard. After a bit of eye candy and tourism I noticed there was a luddite system ( alpha canis major ) just neighboring the home system of humanity.

Of course, I could not let this be! So I held my breath and launched. I had not tested my goddard with any heavy bombing run yet, and I was expecting this would give me plenty of work. I was picturing lots and lots of reedemers chasing me and taking small bites at my ships shield and armor as I went for their bases.

Soon I arrived at canis major... there were a couple of mechanist ships, a planet and a mining base. No luddite vessels anywhere. I approached their mining base uncontested.. at a certain point they began lauching base patrols but, as they came only one at each time, the goddard turrets did short work of them. I slowed by ship to a halt, locked on the mining base and launched about 2 or 3 torpedos. It blew up.

After that, I landed on the planet nearby for refuel and to look at the news and then went back to Sol. When I landed on a base there and took a look at the news again, it said Canis Major had bee taken over by the Andolians. I was expecting confed would take it.. but either way, I was happy to have seen system ownership change from the luddites. I went to visit it and the andolians had build a outpost there.

Those andolians sure are very quick construction workers.
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