Thanks for this great game VegaStrike!

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Thanks for this great game VegaStrike!

Postby Bryan334 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:19 am

When I think about this game what immediately comes to my mind is how wonderful humanities future can be, I mean, the magnificent imagination of the creators of this game!! Something difficult and expensive to do now, to launch a space ship, dock at a space station, IN the game, this is routine, part of daily life. One day, it is my hope, for that kind of reality, I will be able to say "Oh, I am just going to go to Mars, visit my cousin" or "I am going tomorrow with my family to have a great time at the orbital commercial center."

There are some things about this game that to me are very nice, and really give life to it. For example, at a desert world, you can choose to "hike to dishes". You explore the world a little bit, hiking to far away radio dishes. The game just shows you a few illustrations of a scenic view, but to me it's more. I really dream of being able to do that one day. Well in the game, I just imagine while I am pressing those buttons, that I am the one that is on that desert world, and that I am hiking up the hillside with my cousin or niece, to see the panoramic view of the dishes. I take it to heart very much! I can say that and much more about all the illustrations I see when docked to a space station or world, that it really adds life to the games universe, and makes me dream of our future!

The ocean world illustrations are my favorite, well, I haven't explored everything yet! But I can just imagine going in a bus/capsule through those tubes to all the different areas of the underwater installation. I mean this is sincere, coming from someone who loves to take rides in the metro mover in downtown Miami. It's just like that, but if it were real it would be super on another level! I'm just left craving that the developers will one day add a ton of more illustrations to keep depicting this world and all the rest!

Vega Strike inspires me to do a good job in my studies. I want to be a part of the space era, the astronauts and inventors that will make space adventures a reality. That's why I study hard, to become a mechanical engineer and give TRUE life to this game here in reality.

So thanks to the developers and contributors, you have made a work of art.
Finally, I want to help develop Vega Strike, so I am studying programming, I really want to help make Vega Strike a vaster more detailed universe.
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Re: Thanks for this great game VegaStrike!

Postby loki1950 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:46 pm

Glad you like it as you can see there's not much activity on the forum as all of the developers have got real life jobs now so no free time :roll: to code all of the code is on Github now so hopefully we can pick up a few interested bodies so we can continue working on the game.

Enjoy the Choice :)
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