A simple Vegastrike Trade Simulator

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A simple Vegastrike Trade Simulator

Postby darlen33 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:33 pm

I'm Philippe Bousquet, and i'm a Software Architect. Since few years i write mobile applications for Android and FirefoxOS (as a hobby).
I play VegaStrike since many years, and i have tried the java software VS-Trade, few days ago i was searching for this software and i didn't found it.
Anyway i wrote my own application to perform it's functionnality and it can be tested here : http://darken33.free.fr/applications/client/drkvstrade/

This software is my first release so it may have some bugs, i think i'll package it for FirefoxOS (perhaps also for Android) and put it on the Firefox Market.
This application is under GNU General Public License.

I also want to improve this application with
* A search tool (vessels, cargo, upgrade)
* In the Trade functionality, add the possibility to save and load system configuration (i.e : system Vega/Nammu) and share it with others peoples
* ...

Don't hesitate to tell me what do you think about it.

Best Regards.

P.S. : I've made a mistake with my nickname (i wanted darken33 not darlen33 :( )
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