Did we get anywhere with VR?

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Did we get anywhere with VR?

Post by alexis92 »

I saw a thread on the forums from a few years ago about someone looking to implement some lightweight VR support for Vega Strike.

I guess I was just curious if it ever went anywhere. Because I've been planning my return to Vega Strike many years later and just so happen to be looking into getting a VR headset lately, I figured that could be a fun combo to try out.

Speaking of VR headsets, I'd love any recommendations if anyone has any. I'm caught between going all out for the Valve Index or just settling for the Oculus Rift S. I did do my homework and looked at comparison guides like this one, but I think I'd rather hear from someone firsthand which would be a better option.
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Re: Did we get anywhere with VR?

Post by loki1950 »

There was never a update on DarkMage's project.

Enjoy the Choice :)
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