Compilation report on latest debian testing

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Compilation report on latest debian testing

Postby Str » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:47 pm

Hi guys, long time no see :)

I'm running a freshly installed and consequently up to date debian testing system and I noticed the following problems with libavformat:

1. The file src/gfx/vid_file.cpp contains references to functions named av_close_input_file, av_find_stream_info and av_codec_open. Apparently, these functions are deprecated in the version of libavformat which I am running. I had to replace these by appropriate calls to functions named avformat_close_input, avformat_find_stream_info and avcodec_open2 respectively. Also, the struct AVstream does no longer support the attribute "r_frame_rate"; I noticed that it contains "avg_frame_rate" now, so I replaced the r_frame_rate by avg_frame_rate. After this, vid_file.cpp compiled.

2. The file src/ffmpeg_init.cpp uses the struct URLContext which apparently is a part of the internals of libavformat now and declared in libavformat/url.h. After some searching, I noticed that it is declared in libavformat/avio.h in apparently older versions of libavformat, for instance here:
The avio.h file on my system does not declare URLContext, so compiling failed at that point. After seeing this and realising that there is no easy solution to this short of a manual install of an older libavformat version, I just deleted #define HAVE_FFMPEG from my config.h. My libavformat/version.h says:

Code: Select all
#include "libavutil/version.h"


Apart from this, I did not run into any problems. Vegastrike runs absolutely fine and smoothly on my system (Intel core i5 4200U, two cpus, 1.6 GHz with turbo boost up to 2.6 GHz, Nvidia Geforce 750M with optirun / bumblebee and the proprietary Nvidia drivers, 8 GB RAM) on high settings, 16:9. The i5 4200U also contains an integrated Intel HD 4400 GPU, which still manages to play the game mostly smoothly, although some textures for the gasplanets in Bernard's Star look a bit muddier (but it might be that I noticed this phenomen at a point in time when I didn't play the game in high settings, because I accidentally ran vssetup first when I as logged in as root), which looks really great on the 750M.

The only minor issue I ran into when playing the game which is so trivial that it doesn't warrant another post was a crash of the python missions files when jumping to Bernard's Star after accepting the campaign mission offered by "The Hauler". Turns out that in the method directions_mission.findUnit we have the following:

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    def findUnit(self, name):
        i = VS.getUnitList()
        un = i.current()
        while (not i.isDone()):
            if testun.getName().lower()==name.lower() or testun.getFullname().lower()==name.lower():
                return testun
            testun =
        i = VS.getUnitList()
        un = i.current()
        while (not i.isDone()):
            if testun.isDockableUnit():
                return testun
            testun =
        return VS.getUnit(0)

So changing testun to un fixed the crash.
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Re: Compilation report on latest debian testing

Postby loki1950 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:26 pm

Thx for the report ffmpeg is not critical ATM there is no content that uses it though there are some new comm animations in the pipe waiting for a commit to svn.I notice no mention of mesher our mesh cmdline utility I had a few issues building it with the latest Ogre3D.

Enjoy the Choice :)
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