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export from Rlaan shipyards?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:02 am
by TBeholder
After seeing this:
I suddenly began to wonder whether Rlaan shipyards (perhaps in border systems) build vessels for other species, for order/sale.
Yeah, not having to build the ship around longitudal girders, with the rest of structure made for bending load from inertial forces is probably precisely why Rlaan ships have excessive internal space... but that's not their only potentially attractive quirk, is it?..
Being peak-power oriented, rather than average-power oriented, and not even having space for a huge reactor like on most Rlaan ships, the ship in question would not need radiators as big, either. So it could wind up somewhere close to the picture from Colourbrand.
As a sort of heavy interceptor / fast rescue ship, it could have hardpoints something like 2xM + 1x M/Sp/SpMs + 1x H/Sp or if supposed to be a light Bomber / "torpedo boat" with thumper, just 2xM + 1x H/Sp/SpMs.
Rlaan themselves won't be worse off having a fast, narrow silhouette light ship as a jousting type fighter or skirmishing interceptor/chaser (as in, interdict the enemy and take potshots while evading, until Taizong arrives and starts blasting hard).
On the other eyestalk, Rlaan probably are too conservative to deploy thruster-based (or hybrid) ships until forced to. On yet another eyestalk, they are inquisitive (as seen from the existence of Rlaan Briin), and it's not like the concept is too complex for them or something - so if there are interested buyers, they may adapt some experimental variant for sale. This would also put to good use docks too small to fit their usual warships above Shizu scout.