Models - Chris Kuhn

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Re: Models - Chris Kuhn

Postby Deus Siddis » Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:46 pm

How about this, when safemode's plan for minimizing SPEC comes to fruition, the concept of carriers goes back on the table?
With only a few of the larger ships mounting spec drives, such will be the only timely way to deliver smaller combat ships to a war zone away from a jump point.

In the mean time, capital craft still serve the role of tenders for other vessels.
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Re: Models - Chris Kuhn

Postby klauss » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:02 pm

Alright, that even makes sense :)
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Re: Models - Chris Kuhn

Postby pheonixstorm » Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:36 am

IansterGuy wrote:
pheonixstorm wrote:Battleship/Dreadnaught
Corvette/Frigate/Destroyer (frigate and destroyer serve the same function anyway for the most part)
Assault craft (gunboat, troop transport, raider. Juamp/Spec capable, modular model? Would look different if weapons were attached as sub-units)
Fighter/Interceptor (can tell the difference if they are spec or jump capable)
Bomber (as above)

Interesting that you like Cruisers and Dreadnaughts separate, and Assault as Gunship/Boarding_Craft/Raider, while bombers and interceptors separate.

Well, in most navies cruisers handle multiple roles. Light, Hvy, Battle, Missile... During WWII cruiser hull were redesigned to handle carrier duty as well. For smaller fleets heavy cruisers or battlecruisers were the main ships with the usual destroyer/frigate escorts. They were at one point the main asset for most navies since battleships and in rare cases dreadnoughts were just too few in number. A lot of sci-fi shows or anime use cruisers as the mainstay of a fleet. Though in most cases you only hear of light cruisers or missile cruisers. Generally heavy cruiser and battlecruisers are not mentioned.

Wikipedia wrote:Conversions of cruisers and passenger liners with speed similar to fleet carriers were identified by the U.S. as "light aircraft carriers" (hull classification symbol CVL) able to operate at battle fleet speeds. Slower conversions were classified as "escort carriers" and were considered naval auxiliaries suitable for pilot training and transport of aircraft to distant bases.

Within the VS lore I can easily see this happening as well as the larger ship classes would take too long to replace as much smaller frigates and cruisers would be easier and faster to produce.

loki1950 wrote:I can see lots of balance issues with carriers the first being how many fighters each carrier can carry then how they are deployed both by the NPC carriers and player controlled ones if we allow carriers to be purchased.

Large capital ships should not be available for purchase anyway. Frigate size or smaller maybe, but nothing the size of a cruiser or larger. Now, with all the upgrades one can buy for commercial ships I am pretty sure there would be black market upgrades that can turn any ole freighter into a escort carrier.

Yeah, balancing firepower and craft carried could be an issue. The easier solution is to have some ship addon that can handle one particular type of craft. Say a fighter bay will take up x room each, bomber takes up this space etc. Then again there is a lot more than that that would go into a real carrier. You have to have extra stores for munitions, fuel, spare parts, the craft itself, repair bay/machine shop... To account for the extra mass involved it would probably need thinner armor as well as larger engines to keep up with the rest of the fleet. In most cases most of its weaponry would be point defense with only a few larger weapon systems. Maybe one or two larger guns or a few spots for torpedos/anti-cap missiles.
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