Privateer Parallel Universe's new home!

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Privateer Parallel Universe's new home!

Postby Dilloh » Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:14 am

Good day members!

Privateer: Parallel Universe is a modification for Privateer Remake 1.2, adding more ships, arms, equipment and stories to the game, as well as rebalancing ship values, AI behaviour and other things to make the game an even better experience, without taking anything away!

Most of you might have noticed that Parallel Universe has moved to another URL, but I want to give an additional shout here:

You'll be able to acquire all upcoming and present downloads from there. We also have a forum on our own and I'd like to invite everybody to pay a visit and join it up. Best would be your VS names and avatars so we recognize each other instantly :wink:

Posts about PU will fade out within the VS forums, so everybody willing to track our progress should look it up @ wcjunction.

Moderator's note: This message is an announcement. I'll de-announce it after some time when I feel sure the message has fulfilled its purpose. If you have objections concerning the announcement please post them here, and I'll de-announce the thread for myself.
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