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Parallel Universe MOD central

Postby Dilloh » Fri May 25, 2007 4:28 am

Parallel Universe MOD central
This thread is meant to be a navigation panel for mod users and contributors, as well as a replacement for the delayed website. Please use this thread to keep all thoughts and files together. It is locked for there are no comments meant to be posted here. I'll update this thread regularly. Of course you can still create your own threads if you like or if the threads here don't seem to suit your needs.
Last update: 05/25/07

What is the purpose of this MOD?
PU's main aim is to add new experiences to Privateer Remake 1.2. This happens by several means: Currently we have over 10 new ships and some new items. We've also layed some fundaments for future implementations. If you look at the new Juction system, you will see some interesting changes worth exploring, especially for the future. With the next release, we are planning some major rebalances, some new artworks, new campaigns and a new capship.

- Privateer Remake 1.2 fresh install
- Linux users need to replace setup.bat

Install instructions:
Download Parallel Universe 1.1b6-DSE
Unrar it into your Privateer Remake installation folder, overwrite all
Run setup.bat (or Overwrite if necessary.

Version Index
PU1.1b6-DSE is the current version.
If you have PU1.1b6, update it with canonHUDs1.4fixed to have PU1.1b6-DSE.
The next update for PU1.1b6-DSE will be canonHUDs2.0.
There will be no more stand-alone-updates for PU1.1b6, you'll need DSE or compatible.
The next PU will be PU1.2.

If you have ideas or concepts for new stuff, ships, new campaigns, or just critics of any kind, post them in the PU brainstorming thread and participate in the discussions about it!

If you found a bug in PU or you are not sure if the bug refers to PU, the PU buglist is the place to talk about it.

You already have created something like Artwork, scripts or rebalances and want to see it in PU? Fixed a PU bug or solved a PU issue? Upload your file(s) or tell us in the PU contribution thread to become a contributor!

Wanna know what's coming up next? The PU joblist gives you a preview of what we are trying to do next. If you want to contribute to PU and don't know what, you can also get some good ideas here.

Contributors, friends and teammates:
If I forgot someone or something's wrong, please tell me.
Bold users are primarly affiliated with PU.

chuck starchaser, a talented modeler who has agreed to offer some of his reworked and new ship models for PU.

cmptch is working on the PU website.

Dilloh, currently responsible for scripting new campaigns. I'm also merging everything and hosting the files on my webspace.

Draken Stark also did some work on the PU website but had to cancel.

Gosshawk, did some of the really annoying work of turret placing among a lot of other stuff. He hasn't posted for quite a while.

javier wrote setup1.1b6-DSE for Linux users, among with some other scripts.

Melonhead is currently working on new realistic values for inertia, as well as a rebalanced trade system.

micheal_andreas_stahl, an experienced forum member and a friend of the mod.

OnyxPaladin is another friend of the mod.

Orthuberra newly came up with some really interesting artwork.

Solon Halwinder, a PU contributor of the first hour. He is contributing with the Militia Guild campaign concept.

Sligor did some fine artwork and scripts.

targ collective will contribute with his turret pack concept in one of the upcoming versions. He also brings in a more reasonable armor system.

vista just offered to take a look at the website - welcome aboard!

z30 is the father of the project - if you want to know about the history of PU. And yes, he's back again!

zeo1234 had some good ideas for a possible Steltek campaign.

Zool, my most active teammate who will throw in his new upgrade-related rebalance into the game - also see this thread.

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