WC Gemini Gold Palan Mission 2

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WC Gemini Gold Palan Mission 2

Postby Confedboy » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:45 pm

Hi everyone,

I came across WC Gemini Gold 1.02a on the net. I've had fun over the last 12 days, the freedom of travelling the systems in Gemini is rather addictive!

However, I've come unstuck in Mission 2 of the Lynn Murphy cycle. The mission where one has to battle numerous Centurions at the blockade (Aces with rear turrets). I have a souped-up Centurian with a level 3 engine and shields and over 130,000 credits in cash. Yet I am unable to defeat the trio of Centurions, even when I repair and re-arm with missiles/torps on Palan. I've re-played the mission 30 odd times without success. The trick of leading them into the astroids isn't working either.

I really want to get past this mission given the time I've invested and of course, it's an awesome game.

I heard that the Gemini files can be modified on '.privgold100' directory for my Centurion on notepad text. Can someone please tell me exactly how this is done? Do I change my weapons stats or those of the Palan blockade crew?

Kind thanks to whoever can help.
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Re: WC Gemini Gold Palan Mission 2

Postby Tuviks » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:29 am

Frankly, cheating is explained in http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/wiki/Manual#Inflight. You should not use original Notepad, use Notepad++ instead to edit the required files. If you have installed Notepad++ then do these steps below:
1. Open your saved game in folder .privgold100\save with Notepad++
2. Edit the value within ^ symbols to adjust your money. Maximum value is 99000000000 (99 billion or 99 milyard). I think it is more than enough :D
3. For example you saved game is named Mighty.Centurion then you should open the file centurion.begin in folder .privgold100\serialized_xml\Mighty.Centurion. Because the data within the file is too long if you open it directly using M$ Excel then you shall copy the content from Notepad++. Next, paste it into M$ Excel worksheet and engage Text to Column technique. Why should you do it? It will help you find the data needed to be edited such as Reactor_Recharge_Rate, Shield_Recharge_Rate, etc

Keep me inform if you still do not understand.

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