pirate Thales: not so useless

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pirate Thales: not so useless

Postby TBeholder » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:50 am

I load an old game to test and choose "hunt a capship" mission. So, my targets are Thales's turrets. I have positive relations with pirates (lots of dead Luddites do this), so the ship and all turrets start as friendly. Of course, Thales doesn't like the part of Ktek beam that accidentally scrapes its paint and starts to shoot back. Due to some bug, the rest of turrets remains friendly when their unit is angry, so this guy had exactly one option left.
Now, don't get me wrong: CapshipDisruptor hurls downrange 500 VSD once per second... okay, Ktek bolt beats it both in raw power and efficiency, but it also has longer range than anything small ships may have short of missiles, and with weapon speed adjustment turned off it get its fair 4 km/s; capship-heavy may be a bit of an overstatement, but it's a good gun. Yet it got one little disadvantage - namely, being bolted to a big freakin' Thales and thus turning only with 88 kilotons of other - noticeably less cool - stuff. I'm on Taizong, so this may hit me only while AFK, and even when hits, a single bolt just isn't enough to break through level 10 shield - so i take my time. Really, less of a trouble than Redeemers are.
Meanwhile, an usual pack of cowboys on Dodos and shuttles (this time Dgn) find and "attack" me, but are ignored. The mongrel fleet, naturally, tails me there. :twisted: Right, sooner or later one Dodo flies right into the path of a bolt. And explodes - Dodo haven't 10 level shields. Well, it should have 1600 VSD hull, but apparently it touched one of its kin, or was hit 4 times, or something. The pirate drops an entirely appropriate comment: "Heh, if I'd know it was this easy...". :lol:
The best part is that when they ram me, relationship value drops, but it turns out that when they try and get vaporized by someone else, i'm unaffected.
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