Ahh... The smell of defeat...

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Ahh... The smell of defeat...

Postby SCghst1 » Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:51 pm

So i was hacking my along in my Leonidas that had been refitted to be as fast as a light fighter, And i was bored so i said... HEY lets go destroy Sol! No problem.
So now im in Sol and i decide to take out the fighter bases near the jump points first. I get past the Alpha Centari and another one i cant really remember the name right now... And all of a sudden , MASSIVE, i mean MASSIVE amounts of Gleaners, Clydesdales, Admonishers, Goddards, EVERYTHING you can think of jump on me in a matter of seconds knocking me out of SPEC because more kept coming and coming i thought... well hey! Im in this huge CapShip capable of taking out a fighter base in 3-4 volleys, why not give this a shot, right? WRONG. I was blown out of the sky, Litterally. There must have been maybe 300-400 ships all jumping towards me at once, and another 100 trying to SPEC to me. atleast 50 goddards opened fire with their torpedoes and my shields went down and part of my armor was damaged. At this point i was trying to SPEC(limping) to the closest planet, Mars, which was just over a light hour away. Needless to say, with their AutoTracking, the Goddards took me out with their next volley and all i could do was let my mouth drop to the floor.
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