The war hits close to home

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The war hits close to home

Postby ridingnowhere85 » Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:16 pm

I had just found the most amazing 3 point trade route. I was running mining supplies from a factory to a mining facility, then rare earths and radioactives to an ocean planet, and oxygen and food back to the factory. There was only one jump in there, and i was making a mint.

I jump into the system with the ocean planet, and notice it seems pretty heavily populated. There's a battle with the Aerans in the middle of my line to the planet. Not a big deal, I figure. All I have to do is a nice, wide arc, and I should be golden.

It goes swimmingly there, so I make my trade and take off. I'm happily arcing my way back when I start to decelerate. Three snub fighters flank me from the right. I hit the after burn and turn in to it. They break hard right, exposing their backs low and to the right. Taking the opportunity, I unleash a volley of light blasters, scoring a few decent hits. The two wingmen break away, but I manage to stay on the leader. Being low on missiles, I unload the blasters into his rear.

A red streak lights up my vision; one of the wingmen circled around to my tail. I burn off high to the left, leaving him in my wake. I manage to swing around, locking him in my aim. The blasters light up his rear, then a missile. One down.

While I was dealing with this menace, the other two fighters managed to form up and make a run from above. They severely weaken me, but I'm not out. I loop up and do a quick burn, hoping to get away. Finally, my SPEC kicks in, and I light up a cigarette. Another mark on my hull, and all my cargo is still there. That's when my speed drops. The little bastards got behind me again and unleash a torrent of colors into my 6. On the brink of death, I eject into the harshness of space.

I managed to get back to the ocean planet, and had just enough for a little fighter with nothing left over for a jump drive. I'm stuck doing in system patrols, bounties and rescues until I get enough savings for another Llama. If I survive that long.
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Postby Steampunk2 » Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:01 pm

Man that must really suck!
I'm not very good at this game, so to me, reaching 100,000 is alot. But when i was finally making some nice money, i was about to reach my final point on my trade run, and i found out my thumb had been on the tab button the whole time. Thump, right into the mining station.
But it sounds like it was a much worse loss for you.
Out of curiosity, what systems were they? I Rarely venture out of Cephid 17
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