Pleasantly surprised.

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Pleasantly surprised.

Postby Boaal » Mon May 05, 2008 10:38 am

Last night I was flying around in my Vendetta after having taken down a pirate flagship in it. I wanted to see if I could take it down, and so I went out and I doubt I would have, had there not been the npc support from random people arond the jump, but it was still fun and we got the job done.

So I got bored of war and started flying around looking for a system with somethign interesting going on in it. That or one that could sell me an Ariston, either way, I was just traipsing aorund and I ran into a system, I think it was called 'ogmir' or somthing. near to Yama anyway - and it was off the charts! It was like I flew around and suddenly my little L dashboard lit up and there are about half a million ship all flying and blasting me, each other, it was mad. SO I tried to weather it all, but in the end I couldn't spec away to a planet and get patchd up so I died. So I grabbed my trusty Goddard and went back out, this time I spec'd over the the nearest planet and docked there so I could save and not have to find the system again. SO I went back out and it's quiet for about a minuet before they all spec over the me, followed by some other guys who seem to trying to kill them too, and it's this mad sea of DGN and ULN just firing on everything. I literally held down fire without any target lock or anything and killed about ten ships before my shields and armour were too desintegrated to make it safe. Apparantly there were confed, higborn, ULN DGN and Forsaken I think flying around in that, I only know because my status with most of the factions bar the Area, luddites and pirates all went up and the others went down.
SO after a couple of hours of undocking, blasting away at everything in sight and redocking for repairs, I actually had to turn to find my enemies. After yesterday night my kill count went from 15 to 110....
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Postby bgaskey » Mon May 05, 2008 9:58 pm

Sweet. I once jumped through 3 uln systems in a derivative and killed every ship in each system. Except some of the cargo ships that were too far away to find :? . That savefile had 300 or so kills...then my hard drive got wiped :?
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