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Fun with pirates...

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:01 pm
by Nesmontu
Believe it or not, pirates are actually good for something!
While jumping around in search of fun missions, I was attacked by a couple of Forsaken citizens -- some Hyenas and Koalas, no threat to my ship. However, those guys had been after me a while now -- I don't know why but they're a major PITA... and being kinda fed up with it, I decided to blast this group to oblivion.
Bad idea.
While still in the fight, a couple of Andolian Franklins start attacking me. In the heat of the fight I didn't notice straight away that they weren't Forsaken, and I blasted one of them, then docked to a nearby station to look for a new bounty mission.
Upon undocking I find myself attacked by 6 or 7 Andolian Franklins, backed by a Confed Lancelot :shock: I got blasted this time, respawned, checked my status... the only positive relations were with the Aera and Luddites, exactly the opposite of what I want :roll:

And now we come to the part where pirates came to the rescue (in a manner of speaking)... hoping to improve my relations somewhat, I accepted a bounty mission on a couple of pirates, narrowly escaped the Franklins and Lancelot still after my butt, and blasted the pirates. Docked to save, relations better but still negative everywhere. So I undocked, and noticed there were a lot of other pirates in the system :twisted:
22 dead pirates later (3 Thales, the rest Plowshares) my relations are at 100 for everyone (except pirates, Uln, and Forsaken, which are at -100)

So in a way, those pirates really saved my butt... Not to mention I got some fighting practice in my brand new Admonisher and enough credits to get autotracking on my weapon mounts... In short: thanks to all pirates :lol:

*EDIT* Woops, this was supposed to go in the "A funny thing happened..." forum, sorry :oops:

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:39 pm
by loki1950
You turned a bad tactical situation around Nesmontu so it does belong here :wink:

Enjoy the Choice :)