Building own Universe

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Building own Universe

Postby legine » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:36 pm

Hi all,

I post this in the Piarmada because I am unsure if I am not needed to much speacial things in this no one else need this.

My major Problem is that I need one dynamic system that is configured missionbased. The thing is that jumppoints, planets and Bases are ending at the same Base. So while I think that will not that a problem since I am building a dynamic base. I need to have a "one system" universe which can be loaded with different parameters.

SO I am asking myself if VS loads the Map at leaving the place or are the system Files are parsed at the beginning? (And can that be changed?)

How can I initialite a game in my own Universe when not wqanting to use my own? do I need to set my savegame? And if so how do I place it into the right base...

Well I am bit weired about this. Can someone fill me in how the Engine actually process the universe files?
(Umm not the stuff thats written in the wikki for System construction, read the construction stuff)
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