Reviving VS - Pick your role

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Reviving VS - Pick your role

Postby pheonixstorm » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:50 am

Ok, since 2 certain someones hijacked the other reviving thread I thought I would get this going so we know whos here and wants to help or has been helping. Just post a message saying where to stick you (no sharp objects plz).

Programming - Network

Programming - Engine (includes graphics code)

Programming - Dev Tools
pheonixstorm (can also do some database work)

Sound Production

Graphics Design


Scripting (AI, Missions, etc)

Database (csv, sql, etc)

and someone to if not lead then at least push and/or drag us in the right direction. Preferable an old dev who has SOME time to get things in order enough to pass on the flamethrower.

I know some of you may fall under more than one category such as chuck_starchaser so just picked a prefered or what your stronger in.
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