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Re: Release Schedule?

Postby charlieg » Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:10 am

Deus Siddis wrote:
charlieg wrote:Safemode did seem to be getting familiar as a coder, and contributing a lot, but then he got taken away by RL issues.

True, but he's only been absent since a month ago. Anyway, who would you suggest then?

Safemode hasn't really been around for 6 months (last commit in Feb), although he's kept himself involved in some theoretical discussions.

I don't know who I would suggest. I'm pushing in the hope somebody will push back and say, "I'll do something."

I don't have the expertise or currently the time (I contribute to multiple other open source projects + work + family).
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Re: Release Schedule?

Postby chuck_starchaser » Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:05 pm

CharlieG, you know that Hellcat and Ace are involved in a new engine, Sirikata?
They hope the new engine will replace the VS engine; but they are terribly busy
with it because several projects depend on it. Anyways, there's stuff going on;
if not all on the surface. And let's be frank about it: the VS engine sucks. Safemode
did tons of good work trying to refactor it, but that barely makes a dent. It's a gigantic
mass of spaghetti. I don't know how good or bad Sirikata will be, but it can't be any
worse; that's for sure. NOBODY, I don't think, could pick up VS and run with it.
Only the original authors know enough to work with it.

This has been my contribution to Sirikata, BTW; I wrote an encyclopedia on coding
standards into their wiki coding standards Discuss page; and then Klauss cleaned
it up. I just hope they'll make use of it. ... _Standards
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