Well I got my revenge tonight (warning long read)

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Well I got my revenge tonight (warning long read)

Postby Psyco Diver 69 » Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:54 am

I just got done running a cargo mission to a Paradigm in the surtur system right next to the 41-gs jump point when I decided to pick up a $96k clean sweep mission in 41-gs and a bounty mission in 41-gs were I have to take out 5 drathis for $28k. I figure it would be a tough mission but a easy $120k I think. I'm piloting a Centurion fully loaded of course, the only special thing I'm running is 4 takyon cannons with autotracking.

Well I leave the paradigm and make my jump into 41-gs and I was greeted with about 6-8 kilrathi ships. Well I figured this would be a good time to turn and run back to the jump point and head back to surtur while taking heavy fire. I make it through and decide to run to the paradigm which is still fairly close by. I ran into another small problem, when I jumped in 3 more cats spawned near me. Well the battle ensues. Between me and the paradigm we were able to take out about half of the fighters before the paradigm blew up and the remaining 6 ships (a couple sarthas mostly drathis) turned on my already heavily damaged centurion. Well I managed to take one more ship before I eject and my ship is shortly blown up (I haven't saved in a whi;le and I didn't want to lose anything)

Well luckly the cats decided not to shoot my damaged escape pod so I flew to surtur and bought a Hornetcvl and upgraged it with what they had, no engine upgrades unfortantly. I decide to head back to perry and thats when I ran into whats left of the kilrathi force that kicked my ass. Well I have a light fighter with no autotracking, no engine upgrades, no after burner, versus the 5 remaining cats. Well I decide to run again to the perry jump point and as soon as I make it through I hit autopilot to the perry naval base. I finish upgrading my hornet and head back to the surtur jump point, luckly another paradigm was already there doing battle and between us we destroyed what was left

I got revenge for my poor centurion. I think I may sell off the hornet and get a raptor now
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