Which is better: Milspec or stock?

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Which is better: Milspec or stock?

Postby Anscar » Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:38 pm

I seem to recall from VS that blank ships were more desirable than their milspec couonterparts (could be wrong tho'; it's been a while). For example, I currently have a milspec Goddard in VS, but, IIRC, a blank Goddard would be much better because of upgrade possibilities.

What about in Remake? For example, I've fully kitted out two Stilettos, one stock and one milspec. I haven't done a detailed comparison of all the ship stats yet, but the two ships seem awfully similar. After loading everything on the milspec Stinger, I've still got 2 upgrade spaces available (but nothing to put into them), but have 0 on the stock Stiletto.

Also, what's the story on missiles for the Stiletto (and also for the Gothri)? You can hardly carry any.
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Postby Dilloh » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:27 am

I don't know why those military ships carry fewer missiles, civilian ships should be weaker in this point. Maybe it is an outdated canonity source from WC2.

In PR, milspec ships are also a the worse choice. Blank ships can carry much more and/or better equipment. Though for PU, we're going to change that. Milspec ships will still have hard limitations within the next version - but also offer advantages like e.g. military guns, so you have e.g. a laser which has 1,5x range and fires faster in exchange for fewer individualization possibilities.
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