New Game gives weird ship config.

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New Game gives weird ship config.

Postby Maxaxle » Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:19 pm

1. I arrived at a station, having earned a fair amount of creds and travelled through multiple systems.
2. I swapped reactors, upgraded shields, and upgraded capacitor.
3. Came to a jump point with "Low Energy". Went back to station to check why.
4. Found that my FTL Capacitor I contained less than the required amount for a single jump (250k needed, ~188k supplied).
5. Figured out that this particular bug is self-sustaining until prodded, like floating sand in Minecraft.
6. Started a new game, upgraded to FTL Capacitor II immediately.
Note that, prior to messing with reactor, shields, and capacitor, a single jump would drain only ~40% of my capacitor and I only ever got Low Energy notices directly after jumping.

Perhaps a misplaced value, perhaps a mess-up in ship configuration, perhaps an oversight. Regardless, unless the FTL capacitor is upgraded when messing with power/energy, the player is left up the interstellar creek without a paddle.
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Re: New Game gives weird ship config.

Postby klauss » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:24 am

Yes, if there's no item in SF's bug tracker, please create one. Or bump the existing one.

The necessirty to upgrade FTL capacitors is by design, but your ship shouldn't have enough energy for one jump before you upgrade. That would only result in a stranded ship most of the time. The description for the jump drive should also contain a warning about it. All simple fixes.
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