BETA5 questionables, probably just me though...

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BETA5 questionables, probably just me though...

Postby stonycreek » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:03 pm

I've looked through the forum for something like the following beta findings, It's probably just me ...

ref: I've got/using nVidia mobo chipset, nVidia 6800 256meg vidcard and a two sticks of Kingston 512 meg pc3200DDR ram under XP pro. XP wants as much hardware (dollar ya got) as you can afford for it. VS43 runs smooth as silk, mucho thanx!!!

I've thought about moving some the beta's features to the VS43, but... it's a little over my head, maybe-- in a couple years of studying this, maybe and more likely not.

The beta 5 has so many nice additions I like, but not to simply stop and not play it anymore. I've an issue with the [N] key toggling through every ship and planet in the system. The [U] key sees everthing too. The [t] see everything like the VS4.3 does and I belive should. The [n] see more than just planets and stations. It toggles through every friendly ship and the planets etc etc I noticed the mission text when your mission orders appears in the text at upper left is calling some stations to visit-- "ships" in the beta 5 --curious thingy.

On the beta 5, pressing [h] to toggle through hostile shooting at me, it seems that every friendly ship in the system toogles through that [h] key too. This [h] toggle hostiles key works very well in VS4.3 showing only those bad guys shooting at me or coming to attack me. I restarted the game several times to make sure the HUD is repaired and ship was repaired, thinking maybe it was a hud repair or advanced droid would help matters, no it didn't. VS 4.3 is much easier to target just attackers using the [h] than the beta 5.

The [sft][H] works very well to have wingmen to help out in the VS4.3, but, again it is clumsy in the beta. Maybe it's just the "don't know what it's gona do to confuse ya next" XP !?! It's not the key binding (assignments) that's pricking at me.

I've searched quite a few files to find code to look at (key assignment found for binding text) and come to the conclusion that the hot-key functions (subroutins) must be hard coded in the engine-- right?

Overall, the VS beta5 does well on this machine of mine. I personally don't like the SPEC auto thingy because I just set there waiting and rolling a tobacco while it does all the work to the "worm-hole". And ofcoarse, the pirates waiting on this foolish victum taking a coffee & smoke break (waiting) nails me before I can [L] on them... (chuckles) I sure getting to like this Vega Strike!

Heads-up on the OUTREACH system. SPEC auto pilot will run your llama right into it's "sun" and they ain't no ex-caping. They must be some cloaked boats there too-- to run into or maybe they have very powerful weapons at that place. I don't know which, but I've learnt to stay away from there. Come to thinks, how is it a pirate in a small craft with no long range missles can chase your plowshare and fire at you when at light speed half streaking to the wormhole? Mine can't fire a lazer or what not at that speed for the SPEC drive is engaged? This seems to happens in SHAPERS systems lately.

BTW, I've mentioned it before; this VS thing you writers have been doing is great! It simply grows on a fellow. Thanks so much. Some of those store-bought game outfits should take you folks as good example. Best wishes to you all...
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