X-wing alliance

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X-wing alliance

Postby Racecarlock » Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:43 pm

Hey guys. If you need something to base some of the models or anything else off of, I suggest installing x-wing alliance. You can get the files here <snip> . Use utorrent to download (I know it's not legal. What fun things are?). Use daemontools lite to mount the images but first extract X-wing alliance. You'll need a joystick so google parallel port joystick, it'll let you use the mouse or keyboard as a joystick. There's options like tour invincibility and tour unlimited ammo in the general options menu. It's a really great star wars game and you can base quite a few things off of it if you want to. Yes, it's illegal, but it looks like no one's been caught yet.

klauss: edited to remove link to illegal content. VS doesn't need nor won't resort to illegal content. Interested people can google it up anyways.
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