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Colony Wars Mod

Postby Doctorzongo » Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:25 pm

Hey everyone. I am new, as demonstrated by my previous, extremely "newbish" posts.

But, once I familiarize myself with this (quite awesome) game, who would like to help me make a Colony Wars mod?

I think it should be set at about the same time as CW III, as there are so many more factions, and to me the Rlaan look sot of like the Sha-Har.

We would also have to make more capital ships flyable, of course, since who has not wanted to fly a Navy Titan?

Although, we would probably have to change the balance of the game quite a lot. I do not feel that a single Dark Angel should be able to take out a Navy Destroyer quite as easily.

I am seeing all sorts of opportunities. The Uln could be the Scavengers, the Confederacy the Navy, the Aera the League, maybe we could even toss in a Sqouroshelp faction.

If there is already something like this in production, I apologize and will be glad to help that mod as soon as I learn more about the game.
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