New Website - Vega Strike got a facelift

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New Website - Vega Strike got a facelift

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As some of you might have noticed, leads to the new website that we have created for our project.

The website will be the project's frontpage, that welcomes all new comers to our community. It will also serve as a portal to all of our different locations (Github, Forums, Gitter, etc). All big announcements will be done on the website (releases, events, etc).
If you wish to stay up-to-date, you may use the Atom RSS feed there.

We will make an effort to make all the same announcements here too.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to reply here, write in our Gitter channel, or in the website's issue tracker.

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Re: New Website - Vega Strike got a facelift

Post by gustaf431 »

This page with this project is very well done, you can follow it on a regular basis I use it every now and then what a new project a very good solution
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