Classes, types & inlines

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Classes, types & inlines

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Is there a reason not to take enum types out of weapon_info? Do we really need "weapon_info:HEAVY" stuff all over, maybe MOUNT_HEAVY would be enough? I tried to make a constant, something like

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const MOUNT_SIZE MountSizeMaskMissile =(weapon_info::LIGHTMISSILE
                                        | weapon_info::MEDIUMMISSILE
                                        | weapon_info::HEAVYMISSILE
                                        | weapon_info::SPECIALMISSILE
                                        | weapon_info::CAPSHIPLIGHTMISSILE
                                        | weapon_info::CAPSHIPHEAVYMISSILE);
- but was told that "ISO C++ forbids initialization of member ‘MountSizeMaskMissile’ [-fpermissive]" within the class, and if done outside, it's not useable with inlines (tried to convert isMissile() and a pair of copycats - because why not, it's faster?). So it's either all inside or all outside.
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