Spawning and dynamic universe questions

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Spawning and dynamic universe questions

Post by chuck_starchaser »

I've asked before, but here I'm asking again, for a synopsis of how spawning
and work. Information out there is scant. The way PU
is right now, there's hardly any enemies ever, anywhere.
Long time ago, Spiritplumber showed up at the PU forums and offered to
implement a dynamic universe for us; but she left after a week or so and
never finished the job. Her branch couldn never be merged because it was
totally unplayable: Going into the Perry system the whole sensor screen
was red with kilrathi.
We just need knowledge of how all this python stuff works, desperately.
Keep in mind that in the WC universe we cannot allow bases to be taken
over by a different faction, as the progress of the war must follow canon.
So, probably something as simple as being able to specify probabilities of
spawning for each system would work fine.
The other thing we don't know how to do is generating an initial save file.
To be canonical, the game should have no enemies spawning in Troy for
the first 2 or 3 trips; then spawn an occasional pirate, single ship; and
only later start spawning flight groups. The original game was very easy
when you first started a game.
Thanks in advance.
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