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Is there provision in the engine to control hardware fog? Asking because I've been contemplating its use in asteroid fields
for a long time; but now a new use for it has come up:
We've increased the sizes of stations and planets in PU. Actually, we've made the sizes of stations canonical, given such
references as the draymans and paradigms parked inside new constantinople in the landing picture, etceteras; which
yields a 3 km outer diameter for the whole station. We couldn't allow planets to be smaller than space stations, so they
are going to be about 6 km diameter, to pay at least some lip service to realism in relative sizes.
The problem is that planets and bases become too big and visible from each other's perspective; and increasing the
distances proportionately makes it take too long to get from A to B when you're being chased by militias and can't hit
the Autopilot.
So, as a compromise, we're thinking of making things fade with distance.
But how do we tell the gpu to use hardware fog?
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