Looking for testers on Linux Platforms

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Looking for testers on Linux Platforms

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We are presently working on getting 0.7.x out the door, and would like to get 0.8.x (official move to Python3) out the door soon after.
To help with these efforts we are looking for folks to help test the game for general stability (no show stoppers).

At present we are releasing on Linux platforms (see https://github.com/vegastrike/Vega-Stri ... rm-Support) as we do not have the CI build system up and going for Mac or Windows yet. If you are willing and able to help test on these platforms we'd be very grateful of your support.

Current Target Platforms:
  • Debian APT Packaging:
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (Bionic), 18.04 (Xenial), and 20.04 (Focal)
    • Debian 9 (Stretch), 10 (Buster)
  • RPM Packaging:
    • Fedora 32,33
    • CentOS 8
    • OpenSuSE 15.2 (Leap)
  • Source Packaging (if you're game)
Feedback can be provided via two methods: Releases available at: NOTE: Install the Engine first, then the VS:UtCS game assets as the game will depend on the engine being installed.

What do you need to do?
  • Pay attention to the GitHub locations and/or Gitter for new releases coming out in the pre-release state.
  • Install the appropriate package for your Linux System
  • Play the game for a bit and let us know how it's doing.
While we have tried to maintain as much as possible we have temporarily dropped the following:
  • Network Game Play
  • Mac and Windows releases
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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