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Just a tourist with a frag'd nav console
Just a tourist with a frag'd nav console
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Mission won't end

Post by Magnusvermagnussen »

Hi there- hope this is the right forum for this ...

I'm playing Privateer Remake 1.2 and I selected a bounty hunter mission to take out a Gothri at the Jump to Delta in the Rygannon system.

So I go to the system, take out the Gothri, fly right through the Jump to Delta and then ... nothing happens. The mission indicator text on the left of the screen remains yellowed-out and I cannot accept another mission from anyone in the bar.

There was one especially weird odditiy: The Gothri was not aggressive towards me until I took down all of its shields and started hitting its armour (for example, when I so much as glance the shields of a friendly Orion or Galaxy in a firefight, it turns its guns on me the first opportunity it has).

Any way to get rid of this mission so that I can go and take some others?
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Post by loki1950 »

Welcome Magnusvermagnussen it was the wrong forum so i moved it to were the guys know what you talking about :wink:

Enjoy the Choice :)
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Post by Dilloh »

Thx loki... Magnus go to any base, open up the mission computer and go to "Active Missions". Select your mission, hit abort and then you've got rid of it.

About the friendly Gothri, it is possible to be at good terms with the Kilrathi and the Gothri just didn't know you were there to track it down :) friends turn into enemies as soon as you damage their armor.
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Post by OnyxPaladin »

Dilloh wrote: ....friends turn into enemies as soon as you damage their armor.

It might just be my killer instinct, but i would notice my friend wasn't a very good friend before my shields were gone.
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Post by chuck_starchaser »

That was a quick hack that was introduced at some point in lieu of proper friendly fire AI, but was never followed on.
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