saitek x52 problems

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Atmospheric Pilot
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saitek x52 problems

Post by tmikesecrist3 »

hello I am new thow not new to remake just got it down loaded on my new pc after geting a joystic I could plug in but I have a prombem I am useing an dell xps 410 with vista, and the saitek x52 flight system.. and can not seem to get the bottens maped out in a way that makes sence even after trying and modifying the comfig fills I am useing the xpl notepad... if any one can help plz
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Post by loki1950 »

Welcome tmikesecrist3 not sure what is going on but there have been reports of Vista not letting edits to vegastrike.config take forget the work around as i use XP and Linux :wink: BTW there is a new version of Privateer Universe they have moved the PR data set to the new version of the vegastrike engine upgrading the graphics and adding some more ships from the WC universe as well as new story lines that is also where most of the Privateer guys hang ATM.

Enjoy the Choice :)
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Post by bgaskey »

loki there should be a stick letting people know to post on the other forum. One with a really obvious title like "DON'T POST HERE ANYMORE" or "OMGWTF THE FORUM MOVED" It'll save you some posts like this one, which seem to crop up twice a week or so these days.

About vista...try opening notepad as administrator. I think there was some permissions problem...but I'm a linux guy too :? 8) :wink:
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Post by Dilloh »

PU has a patch for sophisticated joysticks, it's available at the PU forums. Feel free to play around with the key mappings.
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