Vega Strike 0.6.0 Released!

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Vega Strike 0.6.0 Released!

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It is with great pleasure that the Vega Strike Development Team announces the release of Vega Strike 0.6.0.

Join our protagonist Deucalion in adventures around the universe as a bounty hunter, mercenary, or merchant flying through the
stars. Meet the deadly Aera and mysterious Rlaan. Battle with the Confederation. Run alongside Pirates. Or just buy and sell as a merchant while you
explore. The universe and adventure are yours.

What's changed?

Since our last release in 2012 of Vega Strike 0.5.1 we've made a few minor changes for 0.6.0. With a mostly new development team leading
the way we've updated the dependencies to work on the newer systems, and fixed a few necessary bugs in the process. Development has also
moved from our old home at Source Forge ( to our new home at Git Hub (

Want to help out?

There's a lot to do. We're working diligently to update Vega Strike. Version 0.6.0 is just our first step, showing it can still be done.
We've already got several releases planned in the process of continuing to update our dependencies and fix bugs; you can see our Road Map at We need everything from coding, story development, art work, documentation, and even just generally helping the community.

The development team is active at and we'd love to hear from you.

You can also find the community at

Where can I find the release? ... tag/v0.6.0 ... tag/v0.6.2

NOTE: Presently just the Linux builds are provided. The Vega Strike Team is still working to restore Mac and Windows support.
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