XWA "emulator"

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XWA "emulator"

Post by ManiacLance »

Not sure how feasable this is yet, but, as there are a lot X-Wing desk jockeys out there with deep sense of nostalgia for the old games, it's worth a look.

I'm going to seriously look into an XWA emulator, which will take the data from the XWA game(OPT and TIE files), and simulate the experiance of the game, using the VegaStrike engine as it's flight engine.

There will be little licensing issues, because it works with the originally purchased game files(which can be updated with the help of xwaupgrade).

I'm thinking it can eventually work much like the ScummVM, enabling the play of all of the X-Wing series games, using a portable, upgradable engine.

What do all of you think?
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Post by Halleck »

Getting the VS engine to wrap around the original content is not very likely. It will be easier to conform the data set to work with the VS engine (as was done for the Privateer Remake.)
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