Installing on MX Linux

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Installing on MX Linux

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I'm a noob.

On ... =0&t=18088, for a "Linux > Other distros > Code" install, in the 6th line, it instructs me to enter "cmake ..".

Firstly, MX Linux gives the error message "bash: cmake: command not found".

Secondly, what does ".." mean in "cmake .."? Judging by other lines lower down in the installation "code", it seems to be a placeholder. How should I fill in the blanks?

Doesn't anybody know of any way to make VS automagically installable on any Linux distro?

[SOLUTION]: Install the Windows version, and run it in Wine on MX Linux. If the screen resolution seems out of kilter at first, simply alt+tab to another window, and then back again. It worked for me.

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Re: Installing on MX Linux

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We are working on a new release which will build on current Linux distros as 0.5.1 will not too many API changes in the supporting libraries you can find it on GitHub now there are links here on the forum as well as a link to our chat service on if you have problems building it BTW the new release will support 4K screens.

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